Sunday, June 3, 2007

Duck In The Road!

I know this is random and kind of dumb, but hell this is my blog and I can post whatever I want! Carrie and I took a drive to Maumee Bay (along Lake Erie) this afternoon. In one of the little boat dock alcove, there was a duck sitting in the middle of the road. It would not move! It was not hurt, or unhappy, it just seemed incredulous that there were cars driving around on it sitting space. Well we found this so amusing that we decided to drive back by and I took this pic with my cellphone to immortalize the stubborn waterfowl. So I present to you, The Mallard that loves concrete!


Jeebus said...

big whoop!!

i have a chicken that sleeps with a CAT!!

Princesse Ecossaise said...

That is the COOLEST thing I've seen all day!

One time there was a cow in my street. That was cool too. i wish I took a photo.

Another time there was a peacock in our street! That was just sad though. Cause it had no owner and the animal saver people wouldn't come save it unless it was hurt.

So a man down the road broke its leg.

That was sad.

But the duck is COOL!

ColbyPants said...

I once had a moose run down the road when I was delivering papers as a kid. When I ran nside to tell her, my Mom didn't believe me.



Princesse Ecossaise said...

Well Tom, I don't think I would believe you either. A cow yes, a peacock yes, a duck yes...but a moose?!

Ok I believe you, only because there probably ARE moose strolling the streets over there. Anything is possible in America.

You know in Ireland they have horses that roam the streets, like stray dogs. I think that's be pretty scary.

ColbyPants said...

Anything is possible in america?? where the streets are paved an chocolate and Moose roam the cities??

hahahahaha! (j/k)

Well she eventually had to come to believe me, because after running all over the neighborhood, animal control surrounded it and tranquilized it in the back yard of the neighbor three houses down, Watching people carry the tranqued moose off on a stretcher is hard to argue with.

Evidently they set him loose in the NH Forests, so all ended happily.