Monday, June 4, 2007

Famous Smokes Nicaraguan Selection 3000 Torpedo

Country: Nicaragua
Length/Ring: 5 1/2" x 54
Shape: Torpedo
Wrapper: Natural

Always on the hunt for a great value cigar, I thought I would smoke one of this bundled stick today, from Famous Smoke Shops! You can find them online. Here is a quick review.

Appearance: This was a pretty nice looking smoke. Smooth and with a gentle box press, there were no real appreciable veins. A gentle squeeze showed a bit of give but no soft spots to speak of.

Pre Light: Clipped easy. The Pre light draw had notes of peppery spice and a nice tangy note. Seemed promising.

Burn/Draw: Burn was pretty straight the whole way down, and self corrected when it did wander. The Draw was just about as perfect as can be, and produced a large amount of cool fragrant smoke.

Flavors: Subtle, this cigar is not. Heh. This cigar is a simple smoke, but a flavorful one. There is peppery spice, some earthy undertones, and just enough sweet tanginess to keep the cigar from being too unbalanced. No the most complex cigar on the planet, but still quite good. It is a fairly strong cigar. Also I side note: many people shorten the Nicaraguan moniker and call this cigar the "nic 3000". I think this could also be short for nicotine, because nearly every time I have smoked one of these, regardless of the situation, it has gone to my head a bit. Overall, and especially fro the price, I could recommend this cigar, especially for those who like their cigars a tad stronger.



Jeebus said...

hmmm.....i didn't like this cigar when i smoked it....i have to try it again

ColbyPants said...

Well Jeebus, I this cigar does have some rather strong notes too it, so I could see how reviews would be mixed. and after some quick message board research, the reviews really are.