Wednesday, August 1, 2007

La Flor Dominicana Ligero Mysterio

(The J & L Cigar Box, Milford, Michigan)
This is not really a review of a cigar, even though I will tell you a bit abut it later. Sometimes what you are doing, and who you are with when you have a good smoke. On the occasion of this LFD Mysterio, I was at the J & L Cigar Box, in Milford MI, enjoying the company of the store's proprietor, Jim Carrier. Jim happened upon my Blog while searching "cigars" on Google. and invited me to come up and check out the place. Sounded like a good idea, and so about a week ago Carrie and I went.

It was every bit worth the trip. Jim and his wife were incredibly friendly hosts, showing us around his beautiful store and insisting I try a couple cigars on him. A true BOTL to say the least. His store is cool as hell too, with a nice members lounge in the back, and a front sitting area with a flat screen TV that always has an important sporting event on (I watched the Red Sox with him that afternoon.). He also has a plethora of awesome sports paraphernalia on the walls as well. His humidor is a thing of beauty, with a great selection of sticks, in particular a very comprehensive selection of Padrons (including the regulars, '64s, '26s, and 40th anniversaries), which he confesses to be his favorite. You can tell almost immediately that his shope is a labor of love. I had an awesome time trading stories and watching baseball with him, and enjoying this fine cigar. If you get the chance and you are in the area, I heartily suggest checking out the place (and say hi to Romeo the Tarantula for me!).

As for the cigar itself, it was quite an experience. I was obviously talking and checking the store out while smoking this cigar, so it didn't get the full attention of a review but here are some impressions. Despite the funky shape (as seen above) this is one impeccably constructed cigar, that burned and drew fabulously, as well as produced volumes of thick cool smoke. The cigars taste itself was rich and leathery and earthy. Very refined. On the whole it was a good stick, though I can understand why those who enjoy Litto Gomez's stronger cigars might be left wanting. On the whole a great day, and I will be making the pilgrimage back up there real soon.


Oh, and Jim wanted me to mention that if you come into the Cigar Box and mention "The Smoking Lounge" you can get 10% off your purchase! What a swell guy!

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Jimmy Cigars said...

Just want to express my appreciation for your kind words. Our shop along with cigars are truly a labor of love for Linda and myself. For others to express joy smoking cigars, socializing and spending quality time with us means a great deal. A special thanks to Tom and his fiance from Linda, myself and The J & L Cigar Box Family. We would love to see you both again any Fall Weekend for football, food, and of course great cigars.

Jim Carrier
J&L Cigar Box
Jim Carrier

ColbyPants said...

You got it man, we will be back for sure!

See ya soon!