Saturday, September 8, 2007

In Spite Of Classless Oriole Pitcher, Lester Leads Sox To Win!

(Ellsbury Goes The Extra Mile!)(Pedroia ducks for safety.)(Classless Moron Daniel Cabrera.)(The Red Sox are now 30 Games over .500!)

Jon Lester allowed four hits in seven innings to win his third straight start, and the Red Sox handed Daniel Cabrera his 15th loss of the season, barely avoiding a brawl Friday night in a 4-0 victory over the Baltimore Orioles.

Both teams converged around the mound and plate in the fourth inning after Cabrera threw a fastball behind the ear of Dustin Pedroia. The pitch came immediately after a balk produced a run to put the Red Sox up 3-0.

"The ball slipped out of my hand," Cabrera said. (editor's note: Bullshit!)

The Orioles haven't done much winning lately, so much of the post-game comments focused on the fracas.

"I think he {Cabrera} lost his cool," Baltimore manager Dave Trembley said. "I can tell you very honestly it's going to be addressed. I'm just glad Pedroia didn't get hurt. He {Pedroia} didn't do anything."

(another editor's note: It sure says something about the level of stupidity of this pitcher, that his manager wouldn't even play the "oops, the ball slipped" game every skipper does with the press. What a shithead.)

Boston's Mike Lowell said: "Guys throw as hard as he does, you've got to be careful. If he hits (Pedroia) in the head, he could split him in two. It's not our fault he balked the run in."

Cabrera's uncontrolled rage caused tempers to escalate. The Orioles charged from their dugout while relievers from both teams ran in from the bullpen, at least two of them scaling the 7-foot wall. No punches were thrown, however, and Cabrera (9-15) was ejected. Wally Bell, the crew chief, said, "The ejection occurred for what Cabrera did during the incident after the pitch.".

The Sox look to continue their winning ways tomorrow, as they send Daisuke Matsuzaka to oppose Baltimore's Jon Leicester. Hopefully none of the ugliness of tonight will carry over.




Yakyuu Shonen said...

Wasn't this the official game that eliminated the Orioles from a chance to win the division?

Funny how the MLB's best team and its worst team are in the same division. Two teams are already elimatyed in the AL East, whereas no other league even has one gone yet.

ColbyPants said...

I think it may have a lot to do with the fact that the teams with the best (the sox) and 4th best (Yanks) records are in the same division. There is a very realistic chance there is a team hat will fininsh 30+ over and a team that finishes 20+ over .500 in this division. Alas somebody has to lose all those games.