Sunday, September 30, 2007

Partagas Series D No.3 Edición Limitada 2006

Country: Cuba
Length: 5 5/8 (143 mm)
Gauge: 46
Weight: 11.41 gr.
Format: Corona Gorda
Box Code: AEP SEP 06

Info: On the occasion of its fifth anniversary, Habanos S.A. distributed 2006 Limited Editions through out the globe. In homage to this anniversary they rereleased the most successful cigars in the history of the concept: Cohiba Pirámides, Montecristo Robustos and Partagás Serie D No 3. These three items will be carrying commemorative sticks and vitolinas.

Since the year 2000, Habanos S.A. Corporation has released 24 of these special Ediciones Limitadas cigars from the most prestigious brands of our portfolio such as: Cohiba, Montecristo, Partagás, Romeo y Julieta, Hoyo de Monterrey, and H. Upmann.

The Limited Edition distinguishes itself for the inclusion of sizes which are not part of the usual range of the brand, and is characterized by a special manufacture. The careful selection of a two-year aged wrapper from the upper level of the plant grants it a darker color and turns this product into something unique.

In 2006 Habanos S.A. decided to age only the wrapper leaves to reproduce the exact features of those issued back in the days they were first released (2001). Another thing to take into consideration is that the packaging will be different than the original.

This is one special looking stogie. Firm an evenly packed and wrapped in a beautiful mocha toned veinless wrapper. The first thing you notice on this cigar is how much darker it is than most other habanos, color wise it is just light years away. Evidently the British market refers to the wrappers on the EL's as "maduro" and it is easy to see why.

Pre-Light: Clip was a snap and the pre light draw seemed as perfect as can be. This cigar had noted of a distinct richness, counterbalanced with that great horse barn earthiness pre light.

Burn/Draw: The burn and draw on this cigar were just about as good as can be. it was relatively even all the way down and self correcting if there was an issue. The draw was equally as good, and you can clearly tell that this was a well constructed cigar. There was just a tad of resistance, enough to keep the cigar burning nice and cool while providing ample amounts of smoke. The ash wash black and grey mottled like most Habanos I have had, and was firm, and held as long as I wanted it to.
Flavors: The first two things that hit you when you light this cigar are the burst of pepper I get from most Partagas Cigars, and a profound note of richness that is unlike any Cuban cigar I have smoked to date. One one hand you know that its a Partagas, on the other you can tell right away that it is special. This richness sweet but earthy in nature (molasses perhaps?), and not something simple or easy to define, but its a great twist on the profile. That seems to be the dominant note for the first half of the cigar, with the "Partagas Profile" (aged wood and cedar, pepper and earthiness) coming to the forefront in the second half, with the richness becoming more of an undertone than a top note.

Overall this is a very good cigar, if a bit young. I haven't always subscribed to the notion that aging cigars is necessary, I think this particular vitola could use a little time at the bottom of a humidor. Maybe with that time some of the boldness of its youth might mellow so some of the finer attributes of the special wrapper leaf will come to the fore. Right now while a fascinating twist on the Partagas line that is definitely worth sampling, it does not really develop changing nuances like some of the finest Habanos I have tried. The notes I detect are worthwhile and tasty, but pretty constant from beginning to end. That said its a very good cigar, worth trying, and If you can worth hiding a box a way for a while, I think the best of this stogie is yet to come.


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