Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Montecristo No. 2

Size: 6 1/8" (156 mm)
Weight: 14.26 grams
Box Code: ROA AGO 06
: Pirámide

Country of Origin: Cuba
Tobacco Procedence: Vuelta Abajo (Pinar del Rio)

Factory: H. Upmann

Info: For more info on the storied Montecristo Brand, see this review.

Appearance: These are supposed to be the benchmark of the Pyramid vitola, and construction wise they do not disappoint. Rolled beautifully, not to firm or soft, and graced with a lovely veinless wrapper with a distinctly reddish hue, this cigar looked like the finest Cuban work of art.

Pre-Light: Clip was easy and the draw seemed just about right. Prelight notes were of that wonderful Cuban earthiness and some peppery spice.

Burn/Draw: This is where things got interesting. The burn on this cigar was all over the place. It started off and never really corrected itself. i would touch it up and as soon as I started puffing it would wander off again. It was annoying. From an aesthetic standpoint the ash wasn't too fabulous either. No wall this would be more of a concern, but the cigar's draw was just fine, and produced cool flavorful smoke. This cigar seems to produce a little less smoke than some others, but I have done some reading and it seems I am not the only one who notices this. Over all, while annoying, this cigars burn was not fatal.

Flavors: This is where this cigar really shows why it is the benchmark for pyramid/torpedo cigars. Starting with an initial burst off pepper and burning cedar and we are off. About a third of the way in some other notes creep in. Damp leather, offsetting some sweeter richer notes, cocoa and french roasted coffee. Over the middle third it sweetened up, honey and cinnamon and nutmeg, though all the while, a constant throughout the length of this cigar, was the undertone of that fabulous earthy livestock Cuban note. It would be impossible to pass this off as anything but a Habano. Over the final third, the smoke became fuller and creamy, and the spicyness returned providing a bang up finish. Don't let my gripes about the burn hinder your opinion of this cigar. I have had ones before that burned fine. Most of all if you discounted this cigar just because of burn, you'd be missing a seminal experience every cigar lover should have. Recommended.


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