Monday, October 15, 2007

Oliva Master Blends 2 Robusto

5" X 50

Appearance: This is one incredible looking cigar. Firm and evenly packed, it is obvious that Oliva only lets their best rollers touch this vitola. This cigar is graced with a pristine milk chocolate wrapper that was smooth and beautiful with no veins to be seen. One interesting aspect of this cigar is the watermark like design on the wrapper up near the band. This makes the cigar quite distinctive, and adds a quite elegant look to it.

Pre-Light: clip was a breeze and the pre light draw was free and easy as a breeze. The pre-light flavors were sweet, of rich tobacco and cinnamon and cocoa.

Burn/Draw: The burn on this cigar was a dream, further adding to my theory that only the best rollers got their hands on this cigar. I lit it, and that was the last thought I had to have about the burn. Razor Straight. The draw was just as amazing. Free and easy, it gave off tons of cool white flavorful smoke. This cigar was a hallmark of good construction. The ash was light and slightly mottled, and held as long as I wanted it too.

Flavors: This was one nice flavorful cigar. Medium bodied and medium in strength, this cigar abounded with sweet notes. It was practically like smoking dessert. Except for the sweet tobacco undertone, there were all kinds of delicious baking notes. Cinnamon and ginger, roasted espresso and nutmeg abounded. Over the second half of this cigar it became a bit more earthy but stayed sweet throughout. The coffee note remained, with notes of organic brown sugar and molasses. This would make an amazing after dinner cigar. if you can still find one, I suggest giving it a shot!


PS I paired this cigar with a lovely Red Wine from the Michigan Winery Karma Vista. It was very simple with a nice plummy front note and lots of oaky goodnes on the palate and in the finish. It wasn't the most complex wine on the planet, but I am not a "wine snob" and so it worked well for me. I would definitely drink it again.

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