Monday, October 15, 2007

Tigers, Make Climax Series. Promptly Get Eliminated. . .

Well the Hanshin Tigers, after a miralce run to the top of the standings, finished the season in third place, and made the first round of the Japanese Climax series against the Chunichi Dragons. Alas, as my friend at Yakyuu Shonen reports, they went rather quietly into the good night. Consecutive losses of 7-0 and 5-3 usered our fair Tigers into the Offseason. Well, as dissapointing as that is, congratulations on a great season and I cant wait for April, already!


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Yakyuu Shonen said...

The Tigers did give us a lot of excitement towards the end of the season, though. They were in at least third place for so long, but then battled their way into first for a happy week or so.

I'll be excited to see what happens next year!