Thursday, November 15, 2007

What's In My Pockets

This is a kind of response to Princesse Ecossaise's recent post regarding Inside Princesse's Bag.

In an effort to show how ridiculous girls are with stuffing crap into their purses, I present to you a picture of all I take with me when I got out:

My Wallet (which I admit is rather large)
Torch Lighter
Cigar Cutter (I have 3)
BIC Lighter (also known as "Carrie's Backup")
& my Keys (not shown here because she took them this morning when she couldn't find hers)

See, very simple and minimalist, all you could ever need. Any why is that all you would ever need you ask. Simple. I have a girl friend with a purse packed full of everything under the sun, so I don't have to, LOL.



Princesse Ecossaise said...

I want to be mad with you but I have to admit you make me laugh. I should be all feminist about it but really, guys have it made. Next time I go out I'm telling FP to carry all my stuff! I wanna travel light for once!

What is a torch lighter?

And how is YOUR Ollie? My Ollie is snoring right now. Does YOUR Ollie snore?!

ColbyPants said...

A Torch Lighter

Same model as the one in my picture, only it is blue. Uses pressurized Butane to help heat things up faster, like cigars.


ColbyPants said...

by the way, Ollie is well. He doesn't snore, but occasionally he makes these weird grumbly noises, does that count??

Anonymous said...

Hi Tom,
I've seen your name many times on Princesse's blog but this is my first visit to yours.
Enjoyed reading yours and Carrie's posts about the stuff in your pockets/ bags!
Just about to check out your other posts...

Princesse Ecossaise said...

That is MAD COOL! I want one!

But I always thought a blue flame meant there was bad gas in there and it was dangerous...oo-er

Yes, I suppose weird grumbly noises counts. That could be quite cool. Damn, our Ollies are the best.