Thursday, November 15, 2007

What's NOT In Carrie's Purse??

Hello all! I'd like to take this opportunity to welcome myself as a guest-writer to Tom's blog. This evening, as he was telling me about the blog entry that his blogging colleague, Princesse Ecossaise, had written about the contents of her purse, I sat and thought of the immensely strange things in my own leather lifeline. When he told me that he had made a post relating to it and that I should do the same, I jumped at the chance. HAHAHA here goes... a view into my world.


It's not too special, no... in fact, its a Wal-Mart special. Its probably very last season, but I don't care too much. I tend to use and abuse my purses quite heartily, so as long as it fits my needs and is cost-effective, I'm all about it.


Wallet with way too many cards that I never use... debit card, driver's license, membership cards, insurance cards, etc, etc... checkbook, calculator, pen, paper, and a few stray pennies that had somehow escaped my change purse.


Yes, like the aisle in your corner supermarket. The nurse in me feels it necessary to bring along half a pharmacy everywhere I go, as evident by the 3 different pill boxes. Incidentally, they are all empty at the moment save one lonely Loratadine allergy pill, which Tom uses when his nose becomes unruly. Tom lets me carry all his junk for him (see post below regarding Tom's necessities). Gum, brush, and body spray for freshening up. And a Zippo lighter that just happens to be out of fuel at the moment...

And now for something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT

A spoon... don't ask, I'm not entirely sure myself. A piece of caramel candy, slightly smooshed, that's been there way too long to try to eat. Some gum wrappers. A rather vile pile of old receipts that I was sure I needed to keep at the time. And the most bizarre of all... shoe insoles (they balled up inside my shoes, forcing me to remove them and, to Tom's disdain, head for the nearest shoe store. Fear not! I got a brand new pair of shoes... with the insoles intact!)

So, during my own self-reflection I realized that I needed to clean out my purse. The insoles are gone. So men make fun of us women for carrying everything plus the kitchen sink in our pocketbooks. I say, when men decide they can start carrying their own stuff in their own purses, then we can go back to carrying our cute little cigarette-pack-sized purses. Thanks Princesse... this was fun!!!



Princesse Ecossaise said...


Haha I LOVE how you have done a guest post here - you should do it more often!

Men eh? They really do want the best of both worlds - they want their women to carry all their crap for them in addition to our own crap AND then they point and laugh at us when they peek into our bursting-at-the-seams bags. What's that all about?! Must be a testosterone thing.

I must say though; the shoe insoles are totally new to me, I burst out laughing at first but it has got me pondering...perhaps I should be buying spare insoles and carring them in my bag? It's always better to be safe than sorry!


Anonymous said...

Hi Carrie
I found my way to Tom's website via Princesse's blog... I too have been tagged with this meme so will be writing about the contents of my own bag soon! I really enjoyed your post and being nosey! I'm going to have a read of some of Tom's other posts now.
Stratford Girl