Sunday, January 27, 2008

La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero Lancero Cameroon

7 1/2" x 39, Cameroon

Appearance: This lancero is one sophisticated looking cigar (well, actually I think lanceros in general are very sophisticated looking). Long and thin, it really cuts a distinctive visual in comparison to the robustos and coronas one might see otherwise. Evenly packed and draped with a beautiful, oily, rich ever so slightly reddish hued wrapper, just added to the luxuriousness of the experience. There was nary a flaw or vein to be seen.

Pre-Light: Clip was easy and the pre light draw seemed just right. This alleviates one of the few fears I would have with a vitola such as this, that the thin ring gauge might cause the draw to be on the tight side. The pre light draw was earthy and tangy and begged for the cigar to be lit!

Burn/Draw: Never an issue with this cigar, which added to the overall sophistication of this smoke. The burn was "set and forget", burning razor straight down the entire length of this cigar, never really wandering at all. The draw was equally as exquisite, allowing this cigar to burn long and slow, and producing a great volume of rich round, full bodied, flavorful smoke. The ash was firm and rather bright white, and held on to the cigar as long as I wanted it to. This cigar was one well constructed, and great burning smoke.

Flavors: Well this cigar was bound to be good because it had a good base to work off of. The "Double Ligero" like are a bunch of tasty sticks, no matter what the variation. This little twist on the line is no different. After an initial burst of strong black pepper, This cigar settled into its groove. Base notes of sweet tobacco and a rich earthiness ran down the whole length of this stick, along with this delicious sweet tanginess I almost always derive from a Cameroon wrapper. During the course of this smoking experience I caught many other notes, among them cedary woodiness, leather, and deep dark roast coffee, wafting in and out over that very tasty base. This is a strong, full flavored, full bodied cigars that pleases at every turn, one of the finest cigars i have had in quite a while. If you can run one down, I highly RECOMMEND it!



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Cigar Jack said...

Oh man that looks tasty, I gotta pick myself up some of these. Great Review!