Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Baseball With Breakfast = ITS OPENING DAY!

So I was one of those sick people who was watching the Boston-Oakland game at six in the morning today. It was a very good game to start the season, too bad it was impossible for most to see. Matsuzaka threw way too many pitches in the first three innings, but only gave up two runs, and Manny Ramirez had two doubles and four RBI as the Sox beat the A's 6-5 in Ten innings. Hideki Okajima (he formerly of Tokyo's Yomiuri Giants, whose home games are played in the Tokyo Dome) got the win, which was cool for him, and Papelbon got the save.

Overall, while I understand and agree with a lot of the concerns people have with starting the baseball season abroad, it looks like interest in the league is quite high, and the atmosphere was great. Now if we could only get NPB teams to play exhibitions here.



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