Tuesday, March 25, 2008

CAO Brazilia Box Press

5 1/2" X 55

This is a really interesting case of a stogie marketing, in my opinion. I have reviewed a Brazilia before, but this one looks like it should be a little different. There is a special band on this vitola specifically drawing attention to its box pressed nature. On the bright side it seems reasonably priced.

I am going to make this short. This cigar pretty much tasted like any other Brazilia I have had. Exactly the same profile. The problem is, the burn was crap. The cigar ran, and tunneled and cause all kinds of problems. From discussion with friends of mine, I am not only person that thinks this. I like the Brazilia profile, but the burn drove me to distraction. If you want a Brazilia roughly this size, buy a Gol!.


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