Monday, April 27, 2009

Old Ale Bottling Day!

Today we got the Old Ale out of the Secondary Fermenter, into the bottles for conditioning. Alas, it really doesnt mean we are any closer to drinking the beer, because that is still 6 to 7 weeks off into he future, but we are one step closer.


First off, I have to say that this is the single most useful we have made to help the brewing/bottling process recently is in the picture above. That bottle washer jet cut down the time it took today by half! Especially if you reuse commercial bottles in your homebrewing adventures, I cannot reccomend a bottle rinser highly enough.


Note the subtle sign on the bottling bucket below. One of the most important things to do in homebrewing is to learn from your mistakes. We had serious issues with the spout leaking before, and were going to make sure that that trauma never occured again!


Now, they are resting/conditioning comfortably in our basement (next to the Scottish Export Ale, which should be ready to drink this weekend coming up!). Side note, I think I might be able to brew down there all through the Summer! We had a bit of a warm snap this weekend, temps in the mid - 80's the last three days. . . and during that time, the warmest it got down there is 63! w00t!


Up next sunday, an IPA!

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