Monday, April 20, 2009

Sunday 04/19 - Tres Perros Update!

Today was a big day for brewing on the home front, First we racked of our old ale into secondary. The initial gravity was a touch high, and the gravity after primary fermenting was a bit lower than we expected, so I guess it will be a bit stronger alcohol wise than originally expected (5.9% by volume). Tasted the sample I took to check the gravity, seems to be coming along just fine. I feel confident about this batch.

racking old ale into secondary

After that I tasted our Scottish Export Ale, which had been bottle conditioning for two weeks now. And while I think two more weeks will do it some good, that this beer shows lots of promise. Tasted pretty much like a beer of this style should!

scottish ale homebrew 2 week test

Pretty, huh?

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