Tuesday, August 21, 2007

CAO Soprano Associate

Hmmm. . . after my initial review of these sticks, I though I would revisit this line of cigars, but with a different vitola. this might not be the most in depth review, but you will get the idea of it.

Appearance: The associate is far less intimidating a cigar than the Boss I sampled initially, but beside that it was very similar construction-wise. This is a very firmly packed cigar, quite heavy for its size. This cigar is also very very dark, almost black, wrapped in a smooth veinless pretty leaf.

Pre-Light: Clip was easy with the Palio. Prelight draw was surprisingly free and easy considering the densely packed nature of the stick. The pre light draw was of toasted nuts, coffee, chocolate and burning wood.

Burn/Draw: Spot on! Light and forget it. Burn was right on the whole way down. The ash was bright white and held on for more than an inch. The draw was great for the first two thirds, nice and easy and smokey. That said the last third did get a bit hotter than I would have liked.

Flavors: The smaller size was not nearly as overpowering as the boss I reviewed previously. Do not get me confused, it was still fairly strong, but there was a little space to pick up nuance this time. That said there really wasn't much, mostly there were big bold flavors. French Roasted coffee, unsweetened dark chocolate, and burning cedar. Really quite delicious. the is a great cigar for someone who wants a great cigar, but wants it bold, not nuanced. Great when you are in the mood.


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