Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Oliva Serie V Ligero Especial Special V

Size: 6" X 60
Wrapper: Habano Sun Grown
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Jalapa Valley L

Appearance: Before I delve into the finer points of this vitola, I have to say that I guess I was lucky to even happen across one of these bad boys. From what I hear they are practically brand new, having been just released during the 2007 RTDA (Which was August 4-8, in Houston, Texas). This is fine by me, for once I get to put a new cigar through its paces. (For those who would like a great secondary opinion of this cigar, the DOC posted a podcast on this cigar recently.).

Back to the actual cigar. While this was not the IDEAL situation for a review, it wasn't a bad one either. Carrie, her parent's, and I had all gone To Toledo for the afternoon, and we picked up a cigar for the ride home. Theirs all were a little petite coronas and the like, so they were done well before we returned home. Carrie, and her Mom fell asleep, and her Dad was content to listen to the Cleveland Indians broadcast, so I had some time to spend with this beauty. And it really was a beauty. This impeccably constructed, firmly rolled perfecto was adorned by a beautiful veinless slightly cinnamon hued veinless, smooth wrapper. From the fabulously applied triple cap (the first time for an Oliva Brand Cigar, evidently) to the spiffy little nib, this bad boy just oozes class.
Pre-Light: An initial sniff of this stick before clipping revealed beautiful earthy and tangy notes. Clipped easy with the time worn Xikar provided for me at the B & M) this might be the only day you would have ever caught me without a cutter and my triple flame, but alas they were at home), and a quick test of the draw showed that it was going to be perfect. More of the tanginess from the initial nosing, so leatheriness and a beautiful rich tobacco flavor graced the palate pre light.Burn/Draw: Another drawback of forgetting my torch lighter was the fact that I did not have my best tools available when lighting this beauty. Well maybe in the long run that is better for my review. The Perfecto, while quite en vogue these days, arose out of a need for easy to light cigars. Well were gonna test this theory. All I had to light my stogie was my trust red BIC lighter (see above pic) , but it did the job admirably. A few quick puffs, and some patience while waiting for the cigar to open up, and away we go! The burn was surprisingly good, considering I was in a car and there was some moving air around. The burn did wander a smidge on occasion, but with a minor correction, things resumed just fine. I doubt there would have been any issue at all in any of my normal smoking environs. The draw was just how I was hoping it would be, fairly free and easy while being cool and producing a decent amount of smoke. The ash was firm and mostly white with a few dark specs. Flavor: Two things of interest about this cigar. The first is this is a very flavorful smoke. the second is that it does not beat you over the head with its flavor. This cigar is made with a healthy dose of ligero tobacco, which is well know for its more assertive qualities (See The La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero Line for proof.). Now, while I wouldn't suggest this cigar be smoked on an empty stomach, its flavors are more subtle and insidious. Rich and smooth, you start with notes of cedar and robust tobacco. About a third of the way in that beautiful tanginess from the initial nosing returns, along with a slight earthy/dark coffee undertone. Over the last third a myriad of spicy/earthy/rich flavors fade in out in a glorious cacophony of smokey goodness. Did I like this cigar? Hell yeah. Would I suggest it, You know it. Hunt one down today!



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