Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Sports Fanaticism

(Red Sox, you're the only, Only, ONLY!)(How firm thy friendship ... OHIO!)(The name that shines in glory "Hanshin Tigers" Oh! Oh! Oh!)
(Spinnuh Bats & Spinnuh Balls!)
(For here all are one, And their hearts are true!)(It's so lonely 'round the Fields of Athenry!)

If you haven't been able to tell yet, I am a bit of a sports fan, and a bit of a varied one at that. So I was going to propose a challenge to those reader out there. I am going to list all the teams I root for in, by sport, and anyone who comes across this post can do the same. It doesnt have to be as neurotically done as I will have, but thatI just want to know where everyone stands on the real important issue of live. Now as usual, remember that while I follow these other sports, and sometimes quite ardently, BASEBALL is my sport of choice, and the RED SOX trump any other team by a wide margin.


Major League Baseball - Boston Red Sox (American League East)
Official Website

Nippon Professional Baseball - Hanshin Tigers (Central League)
Official Website

New York - Penn League - Lowell Spinners (Stedler Division)
Official Website

American Football

National Football League - New England Patriots (American Football Conference East)
Official Website

Big Ten Conference (College) - The Ohio State Buckeyes
Official Website

Atlantic Coast Conference (College) - Boston College Eagles (Atlantic Division)
Official Website

Soccer/International Football

Major League Soccer (U.S.) - New England Revolution (Eastern Conference)
Official Website

Scottish Premier League - Celtic F.C. (Football Club)
Offiicial Website

Ice Hockey

National Hockey League (North America) - Boston Bruins (Eastern Conference Northeast Division)
Official Website

Hockey East Conference (College) - University of Massachusetts at Lowell River Hawks
Official Website

Central Collegiate Hockey association - The Ohio State University Buckeyes
Official Website

Now, I follow other sports (NCAA Tournament Basketball, NCAA Baseball, a passing interest in the NBA), but I really do not have a favorite team in any of them, usually defaulting to a team from Ohio or Massachusetts when I watch them. In manners of international competition (World Baseball Classic, World Cup, Olympics, etc.), a little national pride comes through and I root for the United States National Team. If I think of something later, I will add a comment.



Jeebus said...

awesome stuff tom

Makes me proud to be a sports fan

woot woot

Carrie said...

NFL- Cleveland Browns!!
(don't laugh, its hereditary)

MLB- Cleveland Indians!!

College- Ohio University!!
(or Ohio State when its absolutely necessary)