Friday, August 17, 2007

The Butterfly House, Whitehouse, Ohio

Carrie has had an excessively tough week at work, and so we wanted to do something really relaxing for her on Friday afternoon, so she could just mellow out and feel better about things. Well after a bit of perusal and upon consulting her parents, we decided to go to the Butterfly House, in Whitehouse, OH. After being a little reserved about the idea, at first, more willing because she would be happy than about the Butterflies themselves, I have to say the place was pretty cool. I took a bunch of pictures that seem to come out okay on my cellphone. The bugs were cool, dude. I am not gonna lie though, I liked the MOTH in the first picture best.


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Jeebus said...

i've been to a butterfly house a couple of times. The first time i went, i made the mistake of wearing a bright orange shirt...butterflies wouldn't leave me alone!!!