Friday, August 17, 2007

The Bummer That Is American Politics

This is just a quick note updating my blog's editorial stance. You may have noticed over the the last few months that I have not talked about politics and religion as much as I did when I first started. Some of the more observant might have even noticed that I even took the politics and religions sections out of my blogroll (replaced with my ever growing list of baseball links). No, this is not because I dont have an opinion on those subjects anymore, quite the contrary. But there are two good reasons why this is the case (well three):

1) With the job search ongoing, I would rather keep my free time more light and fluffy, and focus on things I really enjoy, in and effort to fend off the occasional bouts of despondency thats comes with not being financially viable. Baseball, Cigars (this ostensibly is a CIGAR site, with some other fun stuff thrown in, after all), Whiskey, and Women are some of those thing, and thats why you see a lot of those subjects.

2) I am a baseball fanatic, and it consumes a lot f my free time when the Red Sox (especially), are in season. Anybody who knows me quite well would just sigh, and understand this. On top of the usual dementia, I have this year discovered the joy that is Nippon Professional Baseball, and now hace TWO teams to root for (the Hanshin Tigers, along with those fabulous Red Sox). I feel bad for anybody who has to put up with my baseball rantings, including my loyal readers. Does this mean I will stop? HELL NO!

3) I started talking about presidential politics too soon, and got burned out. I am sure I will be dragged back into it as Ohio's primary draws close, but I just cannot get the energy up right now to care. It doesn't help that they really aren't arguing the issues. I watched a debate on CNN recently of the Democrat Candidates, and all they do is bitch at each other. Right now my opinion is this: John Edwards looks like a decent candidate and Barack Obama looks like he could be something special, but neither are yet. I'll get back to you in a few months. . . .

(As for religion, I have my faith and my beliefs, but I dont feel like pressing them on you. this seems to be a problem many people have these days, not being able to keep to themselves. If I find something interesting about Catholicism I feel is interesting enough to share, I will. Also maybe we can get back to Moral/Philosophical debates, which are different than religion to me. That said, like politics, I am tired of arguing the same old worn out topics, and so until i can find something new, I doubt I will be osting much about them either).

I hope this clears a few things up,


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